AJHL Enters Cohort Break

As outlined in the AJHLs approved Return to Play Plan, AJHL teams have entered a pre-determined break prior to joining new cohorts for competition on April 16th, 2021.

Teams will continue to utilize private PCR testing provided by DynaLIFE each week throughout the break and the remainder of the season.

In accordance with the AJHL’s Return to Play Protocol regarding positive COVID 19 tests, the AJHL has issued instructions to all impacted teams and the following actions to their team cohort:

  • Players and hockey staff were immediately isolated and tested;
  • Alberta Health Officials including Regional Health Authorities have been contacted by the AJHL and its CMO;
  • All close contacts have been instructed to self-quarantine and monitor symptoms for 14 days;
  • The AJHL will be assisting Alberta Health Officials with contact tracing;
  • The AJHL will not be providing any further comment at this time. The AJHL will continue to work in consultation with Alberta Health on all facets of its approved protocol.