AJHL Video Services RFP

Request for Proposal: Video Services

This Request for Proposal (RFP) is being issued by the Alberta Junior Hockey League (AJHL), a non-profit society serving as the governing body for 16 Junior A hockey teams across Alberta.

Services Requested

The purpose of this RFP is to invite proposals from qualified and experienced video production companies to partner with the AJHL in creating video features.  The AJHL intends to work with 2-3 different companies in the creation of 12 videos throughout the 2019-2020 AJHL season.

Our main objective is to hire a vendor to provide professional video services for the creation of content, which will be used on social media, in-game at AJHL arenas, during live presentations, and other uses yet to be determined. The engaging and high-quality videos will showcase the players, teams and events of the Alberta Junior Hockey League in impactful two-minute features.

Examples of projects include, but are not limited to: Player Features, Event Recaps and Franchise Spotlights.

Project Budget

At this time, the budget for each video project is $2,000 Canadian. This budget includes all pre-production (the conceptualizing and logistics needed to get the project off the ground), production (the shooting and gathering of images and sound, including any mileage and equipment costs), and post-production (the editing, polishing and delivery of the final product).

All materials created under this agreement will bear the sole copyright property of the Alberta Junior Hockey League.

Proposal Submission

The proposal shall be organized in the following manner:

  • A brief background and profile of the company
  • Highlights from the past three years
  • Information on the personnel proposed for this project
  • Proposed approach and interest in the project
  • References – Provide the organization and contact information for two similar clients
  • Samples of two relevant projects
  • Please identify a single point of contact

Proposals must be submitted by August 30th, 2019 to:

Charla Flett

VP, Communications, AJHL