Barons Aiming for Bigger and Better After Woeful Season

Fort McMurray Oil Barons head coach Tom Keca reaffirmed his feelings from last year Sunday after the MOB’s annual Blue and Gold game; there was a sword to fall on and he was the one willing to do it.

Three days into the team’s camp, as the MOB prepared for the 2016-17 Alberta Junior Hockey League season, Keca wanted to make it clear the sympathy train for the team’s rebuild came to its final stop when the players left the building last March.

“When we left the room here last year, every player was given expectations,” said Keca. “Some players have taken it seriously, which is great to see; some players haven’t.

“We’ve got some guys that didn’t do enough and that’s not the message we’re trying to send to the current players, the guys that were here last year, the future players and most importantly to the fans.”

And that competition among the forward ranks was already set into overdrive before the players even stepped onto the ice.

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