Brooks Bandits Mourn the Passing of Nick Crosby

Brooks Bandits Forward Nick Crosby passed away on Tuesday July 5th after being involved in a motor vehicle accident the previous day. Nick was 19 years old and played last year in Brooks after spending the previous season at the Banff Hockey Academy. Nick is from Ketchum, Idaho and is survived by his mother Wendy, father Bob and younger brother Tom.

Nick was a part of a very close knit hockey team and was loved by his team mates. Upon news of Nick’s accident his teammates arranged themselves in Calgary to support each other and the Crosby Family. There were many sad tears for Nick but also some great stories about him that brought smiles and tears of remembrance.

Head Coach/GM Ryan Papaioannou – “Nick was a kind, well spoken young man who had a dream to be a hockey player and he accomplished that dream. No words will truly honor Nick’s life, but his team mates all know who he was. We are so very thankful to the Crosby Family for allowing us to spend the last year with Nick. We extend our deepest sympathies to Wendy, Bob and Tom.”

Nick Crosby will forever be #23 on the Brooks Bandits roster and will always be with us.