The Calgary Canucks U18 Showcase will be held just prior to the 2023 AJHL Showcase at Max Bell Centre in Calgary from September 25th-27th, 2023.

Day Passes are available at the door for $15 (adult), $5 (student) and children under 12 are free.  Games will be broadcast on HNLive.

DOW Date Arena Start Time Home Team Away Team
Monday 25-Sep-23 Perry Cavanaugh 4:15 PM Calgary Buffaloes CIHA
Monday 25-Sep-23 Ken Bracko 4:30 PM Calgary Royals Okotoks Oilers
Monday 25-Sep-23 Perry Cavanaugh 7:00 PM NWCAA Flames Edge
Monday 25-Sep-23 Ken Bracko 7:15 PM Calgary Northstars Airdrie Bisons
Tuesday 26-Sep-23 Perry Cavanaugh 1:30 PM CIHA Lethbridge Hurricanes
Tuesday 26-Sep-23 Ken Bracko 1:45 PM St. Albert Raiders NWCAA Flames
Tuesday 26-Sep-23 Perry Cavanaugh 4:15 PM U17 Calgary Northstars U17 NWCAA
Tuesday 26-Sep-23 Ken Bracko 4:30 PM Coeur d’Alene Calgary Northstars
Tuesday 26-Sep-23 Perry Cavanaugh 7:00 PM Airdrie Bisons Calgary Royals
Tuesday 26-Sep-23 Ken Bracko 7:15 PM Okotoks Oilers Calgary Buffaloes
Wednesday 27-Sep-23 Perry Cavanaugh 9:00 AM CIHA Coeur d’Alene
Wednesday 27-Sep-23 Perry Cavanaugh 11:45 AM Lethbridge Hurricanes St. Albert Raiders