Former Kodiak Sam Jardine Leaves Ohio State to Sign with AHL Icehogs

Former standout Kodiak dman, Sam Jardine leaves Ohio State and signs with
the Chicago Blackhawks AHL Rockford Icehogs!

“I cannot thank the Camrose Kodiaks family enough for their role in helping
me sign my first professional contract and continue to chase my dream to one
day play in the NHL,” said Sam Jardine. “It was in Camrose under Boris and Doug's guidance and encouragement that I first began to truly believe I had what it took to play professional hockey. My days as a Kodiak hold some of my fondest memories,
and I wouldn't trade those days in Camrose for anything. A special thanks
goes out to Boris and Doug for their continued mentoring even after my days
as a Kodiak, my teammates for their lasting friendship we made in Camrose
and still share today, Doug and Rhonda Grue who so generously opened up
their home to me and my brother Clayton for 4 years, and the fans, the heart
of the Kodiak family.”

“Can't wait to come home to Camrose again soon.”