Four questions with Corban Knight

You grew up in Western Canada, but chose college hockey over the Western Hockey League. Why?

Credit goes to my mom on that one. Growing up, she was always big on education for us (Knight has a younger brother who is now 18). She always made sure we were doing well in school and stuff. When I was getting looked at by WHL teams, she never really wanted me to do that. She always wanted me to get an education, so part of the credit has to go to her on that one.

What does your father do?

He was a pastor. He just recently became a hockey chaplain, working with WHL teams, junior teams and Canadian college teams. He’s kind of a pastor that goes to different teams and talks to the guys about different characteristics of being a good person and being a good hockey player. . . stuff that translates to real life.

How has that played into your life?

My parents, especially my dad. . . they built my character from the ground up. Looking at him as an example, he does all of the right things. He has great, hard morals. Growing up with that kind of an example, it was kind of hard to go down the wrong path. Everything I stand for really relates back to my parents.

Does that translate to the hockey rink, too?

Yes, my dad is the hardest-working guy I’ve ever met. My work ethic comes from him. That translates to the rink. Doing the little things right, not taking shortcuts on anything. . . he always did things the right way and that translates perfectly.

Courtesy Grand Forks Herald