Kodiaks Gora A Trojan

“The Kodiaks are extremely happy to announce that Patrick Gora has committed to attend SAIT for the 2017-18 season.

“I might be biased, but I believe Patrick was one of the top goaltenders in our league this year,” stated Kodiaks GM Boris Rybalka. “With the amount of injuries we had this season, he gave us a chance every game! I know that he will steal games for SAIT because he is that good. We would like to congratulate the Gora family as well, as they have done a lot for Patrick during his career.”

Patty is looking at becoming a Police Officer or EMT after he is done his hockey career. He has potential to keep playing for a long time before he becomes a Police Officer. Congratulations Patrick and good luck in SAIT as we know you can lead them to a Championship!