Lanny & The Moose Headline AJHLâ??s All-Time 50 Best

The Alberta Jr. Hockey League turns the magical 50 this season and the folks did an online poll to determine the top 50 players who passed through its doors.

It’s a fascinating list of prairie boys, many of whom went on to star in the NHL. Mark Messier (Spruce Grove Mets) and Lanny McDonald (Lethbridge Sugar Kings) made it to the Hockey Hall of Fame. The AJHL broke down the top 50 list into five decade groups of 10 players apiece. Voters were encouraged to base their selection on their accomplishments in both the AJHL and NHL.

Forty-three players from the top 50 played in the NHL. Eight of them won Stanley Cups. Thirteen of the 50 are still active in the NHL I personally got to see most of the first two decade all-stars play when I was growing up in Alberta. Most of the latter three decade all-stars I’ve watched play in the NHL.

From this list of 50 all-stars, I’ve assembled a 20-man roster that I assure you would be a Stanley Cup contender today if we were able to capture these players in their prime. Imagine having to face four feisty Sutters in a clutch series? I’m not overly concerned with the positions of my forwards. I have a few centers playing on the wings.

Here’s my lineup:

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