Makar brothers part of Brooks Bandits billet bond

BROOKS, ALTA. — For any junior hockey season to go ahead ? never mind one during a pandemic ? billet families are an essential part of making it happen.

For one Brooks Bandits forward, he?s been fortunate to build a relationship with a family over three seasons, which actually began before he joined the team.

?I have a billet mom and billet dad, Adam and Jaime McIntosh, no kids, just a nice little puppy,? said Taylor Makar.

The couple has been billeting Bandit players for eight seasons.

?He?s basically family for us.? said Jaime Mcintosh ?We?ve had a really amazing experience being billet parents, it?s been super rewarding, we?ve had such great kids. It?s wonderful to see them grow and mature.?

Another player the couple billeted for parts of three seasons and are now watching grow is Taylor?s older brother, Cale.

He currently plays for the Colorado Avalanche and last season won the NHL’s rookie of the year award.

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