Merit Contractors Association Announces Mozell and Kobelka as Scholarship Recipients

The Alberta Junior Hockey League (AJHL), in partnership with Merit Contractors Association (Merit), have selected Dexton Mozell (Drayton Valley Thunder) and Jackson Kobelka (Calgary Canucks) as the recipients of the 2021 Merit AJHL Scholarship.

The scholarships are awarded annually to one recipient from both the Viterra AJHL North Division and Viterra AJHL South Division.   Eligible applicants must be currently playing in the Alberta Junior Hockey League and prepared to attend a post-secondary institution during the year of application.

“Playing Hockey in the AJHL has taught me incredibly valuable life lessons such as the importance of having a team effort and knowing each individual has a very specific job in helping to maintain a team effort and success,” stated recipient Dexton Moxell.  

“Entering the League as a young 18-year-old and just wanting to make a spot so I could play Junior hockey was all I could ask for. Now as I age out and reflect on all the memories that have been created with the amazing individuals to pass through this dressing room in Drayton Valley, it has been a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

Thunder Associate General Manager Matt Keillor was thrilled to recommend Mozell for the Merit AJHL Scholarship. “Dexton has been at the forefront of developing our legacy here in Drayton Valley.   It has been exciting to see Dexton’s maturation from being a leader in the dressing room to now mentoring our young players on how to become a great ancestor where the jersey can be left in a better place every season.”

“Dexton is no doubt our dressing room’s most important leader. His willingness to place his teammate’s success in front of his own is contagious and has given our team its true identity. Dexton gives our team his maximum effort every single time he is on the ice, not only providing big goals when we need them but also protecting his teammates and keeping players focused on the task at hand. Mozell has also done an incredible job of being a community ambassador for our hockey club.”

“Dexton is an intelligent student with serious ambitions to continue playing hockey while maintaining high academic standards. I am confident that he will be an excellent student athlete and uphold the high standards of a scholarship recipient as he continues on to Neumann University.”

Calgary Canucks GM / Head Coach Brad Moran knows Jackson Kobelka will continue to have success as he continues on to Albertus Magnus College.  “Jackson’s work ethic and commitment to our team is second to none.   His willingness to mentor and teach our younger players helped our team improve immensely over the season and he should be commended.”

“Jackson plays the game hard all around, always showing great sportsmanship.   He carries himself with integrity on the ice and in the community where he leads by example attending numerous community events.  Jackson has left a very positive impression on our organization and I feel very confident that he will continue to be successful at any endeavor he chooses to pursue.”

“As a young athlete you have to learn many life lessons that you will take into your every day life, and this continued during my time playing in the Alberta Junior Hockey League,” stated Jackson Kobelka.   “Commitment, time management and leadership are core skills and traits I have had to develop on a daily basis while playing Junior hockey, and I have no doubt that they will assist me as I chase my educational and professional aspirations.”

“Over the last three years, I have had the opportunity to work with and learn from many great leaders on my teams.   Moving forward I will take pride in leading my peers both on and off the ice.”

Gina Kilbreath, School Counsellor at à‰cole Secondaire Foothills Composite High School, has seen Jackson’s determination first-hand.   “Jackson is an extraordinary individual. He is respectful, a strong communicator, humble, and a hardworking young man.   As Jackson’s counsellor, I have witnessed his determination in achieving his academic, athletic and personal goals.”

“As one of the first student athletes in our partnership with U18 AAA hockey, Jackson represented the school and the hockey organization extremely well. He led by example and was quick to offer his time in numerous volunteer endeavors. He was a dedicated student and managed a busy hockey and academic schedule throughout his time at FCHS. Balancing athletics and academics is no easy feat and Jackson took his responsibility as both a student and an athlete very seriously.   I have no doubt that Jackson will do great things in life, because he is determined and willing to do what it takes to be successful.”