Pink and Red Weekend at the Civic

It's a busy weekend ahead at the Civic Centre for the Bobcats FINAL 2 remaining regular season games!

This Friday and Saturday we are asking our fans to wear Pink and Red to the rink in support of Anti-Bullying 'Pink In The Rink' as well as supporting 'End M.S.' with the M.S. Society. Players for the Bobcats will also be supporting both causes by using pink tape for their socks and sticks, while also wearing a red M.S. Society sticker for their helmets. The coaching staff will also be showing their support by wearing red ties on the bench. Be sure to sport either color for these great causes and you could win yourself a prize pack from the Bobcats, Lloydminster Co-Op and the M.S. Society.

ALSO with it being the Bobcats FINAL 2 regular season home games be sure to use up any of your remaining 'General Admission' tickets as well as game vouchers from the 'Pot Of Gold' booklet. They will no longer be accepted once the Bobcats regular season home games end