Robbie Fisher Awarded Stewy Stewart Memorial Trophy

Okotoks Oilers Team Captain, Robbie Fisher, is the recipient of the 2014 Stewy Stewart Memorial Trophy.  AJHL Commissioner Ryan Bartoshyk presented Fisher with the Stewy Stewart Memorial Trophy prior to Thursday night’s AJHL Playoff Game in Okotoks, alongside Stewart family representative Shirley Barby. 

The Stewy Stewart Memorial Trophy is named in honour of a long-time Calgary area fan who supported hockey at all levels. “Stewy” died in 1997 and the award was created to honour his support and commitment to the game.  The Stewy Stewart Memorial Trophy is awarded annually to the AJHL player in the South Division that best exhibits the following attributes: character, dedication, perseverance, integrity and sportsmanship.

Robbie Fisher was nominated for the award by Okotoks Oilers General Manager and Head Coach James Poole.  Each award applicant was required to submit an essay to outline their qualifications; the essay submitted by Robbie Fisher describes his appreciation for the award and his experience applying the attributes of character, dedication, perseverance, integrity and sportsmanship.

I am both very honoured and humbled to be nominated for the Stewy Stewart Memorial Trophy by my coach, James Poole. I would like to thank Coach Poole and the entire Oilers organization for this opportunity. The game of hockey, as well as life are two very comparable subjects. In order to be a respected, successful person on and off the ice, one must show character, dedication, perseverance, integrity and sportsmanship in anything they do. For a hockey player to gain the confidence and the respect of their teammates, one must demonstrate the characteristics of which the Stewy Stewart Memorial Trophy represents.

The game of hockey is a very testing sport. On a daily basis, new challenges arise that tests one’s character. On any given team, in any given season, there will never be a set path engraved. It is an inevitable fact that all teams will face the highs and lows of a long season. This has the ability to be very tough on an individual’s mental confidence. Displaying the characteristics of the Stewy Stewart Memorial Trophy can help the individual through the good times and the bad. If you concentrate on displaying character, dedication, perseverance, integrity and sportsmanship day in, and day out, I firmly believe that you will be successful not only in hockey, but in life as well.

Throughout my life and hockey career, it has become apparent to me that the most successful people in both these categories display these traits on a regular basis. At a young age, my parents taught me about these values and how important they are, and I’ve grown up knowing that if I displayed these traits I would also become successful. Over the course of my hockey career, I have been lucky to have played with great teammates who have also demonstrated character, dedication, perseverance, integrity and sportsmanship. I always looked up to these teammates and they also helped instill these values in me which has made me into the person and player I am today.

Moving to Okotoks from my hometown of Kenora, Ontario was a new and exciting time in my life. I came to Okotoks as a rookie 18 year old defenceman who had high hopes for myself. In junior hockey, circumstances can change in a heartbeat, and I experienced that first hand when it became apparent that things weren't going to work out as a defenceman, and my future in Okotoks was in doubt.  I was tasked with making a choice to switch positions. I’d like to say it was a difficult choice, but it really was not at all. I knew right there and then that I wanted to stay an Oiler and would accept any role they asked me to play.  The first little while was difficult, but it became easier and easier through the support of my teammates and coaches along the way. I wanted to succeed at the new position not only for myself, but so I could reward those who had faith in me and took a chance on me.

Now, I am enjoying my third and final season of Junior Hockey. I have learned that character, dedication and perseverance can go a long way in your career. Had I never displayed these characteristics, especially when the going got tough, I never would have had the amazing experiences I’ve had here in Okotoks. By far the proudest moment of my hockey career was when I was named Captain of the Oilers in my second season. I am so proud to be part of this first class organization and community and to be a leader on this team is truly something I will never forget.

Robbie Fisher is the third Oiler to receive the Stewy Stewart Award in the franchise’s short history.  The 20 year-old forward has played in 170 regular season games for the Oilers and scored over 100 points.