Saints? Ryan Conroy Awarded Finning AJHL Scholarship

Spruce Grove Saints defenceman Ryan Conroy was awarded the second annual Finning AJHL Scholarship in a pre-game ceremony prior to Sunday?s AJHL Playoff game at the Grant Fuhr Arena.

The Finning Scholarship awards one Alberta Junior Hockey League (AJHL) player with a $1,000 scholarship towards their post-secondary education.  Conroy has committed to attend and play for Yale of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) in the 2020-21 season.

?I?ve coached a lot of men during my time in Spruce Grove and I can honestly say that Ryan is one of the most committed and motivated athletes that I?ve ever come across,? stated Saints Head Coach Bram Stephen.  ?Ryan takes the game of hockey seriously, plays in an honest way and is a fantastic leader for the Saints.?

?Ryan works tremendously hard, but more importantly works tremendously smart with goal setting and pursuing the best way to mentally and physically prepare himself for his sport. He is a consummate professional. He will be very successful because of his diligent work ethic, desire to develop as a person and his attention to detail coupled with his intellect.?

Mr. Justin Helfer, a teacher from St. Gabriel the Archangel School, describes Conroy as an inspiring student.  ?Mr. Conroy has been a superb performer in each role he has played within the school and has far exceeded expectations for productivity and quality of work. I have worked with over 2200 students during my tenure and Ryan stands out as one of the very best. He has demonstrated superior leadership on athletics and academia, inspiriting others to achieve their best.?

Conroy, 19, is a three-year veteran of the Alberta Junior Hockey League, who has played 160 regular season games with the Fort McMurray Oil Barons and Spruce Grove Saints.   Conroy (Chestermere, AB) served as Captain of Team AJHL at the 2019 Junior Club World Cup in Russia last August.

?Hockey is a lifestyle I have adopted from the moment my parents took me skating on my second birthday,? said Ryan Conroy.  ?It has instilled values of passion, commitment, discipline, and love which have been instrumental in my progression as a player and person.?

?The AJHL has presented me opportunities within the organizations and communities I have been a part of, which has allowed me to be an ambassador for both the league and hockey. Having leadership roles over the last year and a half has allowed me the opportunity to lead others, coordinate communications, and set the standard both on and off the ice. From starting as a 16 year-old rookie to captaining Team AJHL, I attribute this progression to the amazing culture within the organizations I have played with and the AJHL`s value of development through constructive experiences and opportunities.?

?This mindset will be carried by myself into life after hockey to ensure further success. My time in the AJHL has made me confident I am prepared for the NCAA level and a career in the workforce.?