Statement Regarding Future of Olds Grizzlys

On behalf of the Alberta Junior Hockey League and its' Board of Governors, it is of the utmost urgency to clarify the existing financial and operational situation of the Olds Grizzyls.

The Olds Grizzlys Organization has not been immune to the existing economic realities and as a result are in jeopardy of not participating as members of the AJHL for the 2017-2018 Season.

As long and storied members of the AJHL, the Olds Grizzlys have been valued partners and have provided a platform for community engagement and the maturation of young men. 

As valued partners, we owe it to the Olds Grizzlys and the Town of Olds to determine that the Organization can be both viable and operational for the upcoming season and beyond.  Over the next nine days, the actions and the associated results of the organization and the community will determine if the Grizzlys will be operational for the upcoming season.

It is our desire for the Organization to be successful in their efforts and that the resulting experience will only serve to strengthen the organization.


Ryan Bartoshyk, Commissioner, AJHL