Viterra AJHL Volunteer Profile: Sydney Montieth, Canmore Eagles

The Alberta Junior Hockey League and Viterra are proud to recognize one volunteer from each member team through the Viterra AJHL Volunteer Profile throughout the 2014-2015 season.   At the end of the regular season, one volunteer in both the Viterra AJHL North Division & Viterra AJHL South Division will be presented with the Viterra Salute to Service Award recognizing their service and commitment to the Alberta Junior Hockey League.

  • Name:  Sydney Montieth
  • AJHL Team:  Canmore Eagles
  • Role:  Anthem singer
  • Number of Years Volunteering: 16


  • Why I Volunteer:  When I first started singing for the Eagles I was only two years old so I did it because I was asked to and it was fun for me.  It’s still my favourite place to sing, however, now I do it because I recognize the value that an AJHL team brings to the community and I want to be a part of that.  I see the relationships the players build in the community and the role models they become for so many.  Through special events and time spent, not only do they promote the sport of hockey, they help bring the community together.  The Eagles organization has become my second family and I’m very proud to be a part of it. 
  • Occupation:  Student
  • Favorite AJHL Memory:  It was near the end of a game and the other team had pulled their goalie.  Tyler Horton was the captain of the Eagles at the time.  He managed to get a break away and had an easy shot to score; however, skating to his left was Simon Philp who was playing in, what I recall, was his first AJHL game.  Tyler could have scored the goal himself but instead passed the puck to Simon who took the shot and scored the goal.  It’s because of moments like that that I love this game.
  • Favorite AJHL Player:  It’s hard to choose only one over 16 years so past players would be Tyler Horton and Mike Dennis.  Current players would be Connor Wilson and Kurt Hildebrand.