Viterra Volunteer Profile – Shane Tomayer, Lloydminster Bobcats

The Alberta Junior Hockey League and Viterra are proud to once again recognize volunteers from each member team through the Viterra AJHL Volunteer Profile during the 2016-2017 season.   At the end of the regular season, one volunteer in both the Viterra AJHL North Division & Viterra AJHL South Division will be presented with the Viterra Salute to Service Award recognizing their service and commitment to the Alberta Junior Hockey League.

  • Name: Shane Tomayer
  • AJHL Team: Lloydminster Bobcats
  • Role: Team Broadcaster – Colour
  • Number of Years Volunteering: 9+ Years
  • Occupation: Salesperson for Nelson Homes
  • Why I Volunteer: I love the game of hockey. I know how important it is to our community and I enjoy being a conduit for the players/families/friends who don't always get the chance to see their loved ones play.
  • Favorite AJHL Memory: To pin it on just one moment is tough. There's a number of things that stand out. Some of the big highlights obviously was last year watching the Bobcats wining their way into the Gold Medal game of the RBC at home, that was pretty spectacular. The odd moment pops into your mind of a scrap or two. I can think of Adam Creasy in particular having a few very notable dustups.






  • Favorite AJHL Player: Yeah there's a few. One guy that always stands out in my mind as a guy that really helped to turn the tide, when things weren't great to start the season and when January came around and the last kinda WHL pickups came in, I think of Jared Jagow from Rosetown, SK. He was playing in the dub as a 20 year old. That was not going to go any further so he ended up in Lloydminster via whatever methods and he was a guy just electric to watch. He was that next level of special. In that same crop, I mean there were guys that I really enjoyed watching just because they were fantastic individuals, a guy like Michael Winkel who never missed a game in his AJHL career. A guy like Brendan Turner who was just creative and crafty and a person we really got to see grow as a person. Bobby Spigott played defence at the time. He was a guy obviously we were very very close with. So many thrilled times. And Adam Creasy of course, I mentioned how earlier on he was a guy who was always exciting because you didn't know what Adam Creasy you would see on a given night. He had the ability to have silky smooth hands or rock hard fists. He would give you something special every game.