2010-11 President’s Message

The Alberta Junior Hockey League is approaching its 50th
Anniversary. Reflecting on such a milestone brings
forward a sense of responsibility and pride to ensure we
honour such a significant event. History is so often
overlooked in many facets of today’s successful leagues.
Technology, media, real-time stats and continuous
information have us all focused on the moment. This year,
I encourage AJHL fans and those directly involved to
reflect on why the League is important to them. I believe it
is important to understand why we are involved, and what
motivates us to honour a League almost 50 years in
existence. The true focus of that reflection must be on
what each AJHL community now possesses – a viable,
successful Junior A franchise. We must not overlook the value that the organization brings to your local
community, both in spirit and economic benefit.
One must not take the AJHL for granted, more specifically what each local franchise offers the community.
The thirst for identity, belonging and community embody a successful Junior A franchise, and the AJHL
offers such attributes. I cannot help to think about cities such as Winnipeg, Quebec City and other centers
that have experienced the loss of a sports franchise.
The voids spiritually and economically can have a lasting impact, most often negative. We must ensure we
conduct ourselves as fans and administrators to honour the past, ensuring a strong future and legacy for the
AJHL and its teams.
As part of this reflection, my commitment to all AJHL fans and franchises as President is to provide the best
quality leadership and direction. The AJHL staff is dedicated to the sixteen communities, teams and
volunteers like never before. We must have this focus and determination as the competitive spirit in all of us
thrives as we move closer to the 50th anniversary of such a historic league.
This year itself will bring even more excitement with Camrose hosting the Royal Bank Cup in May 2011. The
Community of Camrose is poised once again to bring honour and respect to the Alberta Junior Hockey
League, the Kodiaks and the people of Camrose. I want to thank in advance the local RBC Steering
Committee and the hundreds of volunteers that will make the event a success.
Congratulations to Sam Brittain and Ben Gallacher on being selected in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft and to the
75 AJHL Athletes who secured post-secondary scholarships in the 2009-2010 Season. Our athletes past
and present continue to bring pride to the AJHL.
Enjoy the season, wishing all of our teams and players a safe and successful year.

Craig T. Cripps