Photographers are only permitted to photograph AJHL games and activities after applying for and receiving AJHL Media Accreditation.  Please note that application for accreditation does not guarantee approval.

Anyone wishing to receive permission to use any images from AJHL activities must contact the Alberta Junior Hockey League and request the appropriate permissions.  No person shall sell any images or produce images for sale until permission has been received.

Photographs taken while covering any AJHL events are exclusively for editorial usage.  All photographs and/or images taken during all activities may not be re-sold or re-distributed for any other purpose, including commercial activities and usage, without the approval of the Alberta Junior Hockey League.  This also includes the use of any league or team logo or name within the Alberta Junior Hockey League.

Strobe lighting in AJHL arenas is not allowed without the permission of the local team and league.  Permission will be granted only under the following terms: that the lights are safely and correctly mounted as approved by the building; that the positions of the lights be determined by the club/league; and that the lights may be ordered removed by the club or league, for any reason and if ordered removed, must be done so immediately.

Photographers are to share the common and premium spaces in AJHL facilities with priority show to the home team photographer.