Hockey Canada National Insurance Program

The Alberta Junior Hockey League and its’member clubs operate under the rules, regualtions and decisions of Hockey Canada and it’s member Branches with regards to insurance policy limits. It is encouraged that athletes and parents review the insurance policies closely and make a personal decision as to whether to explore additional insurance.

Hockey Canada knows that we have a responsibility to ensure that adequate financial resources are in place to compensate those that are injured while playing hockey. One of the benefits of being a member of Hockey Canada is knowing that you have an exceptional insurance program that has been built with the needs of its members in mind. It involves good financial management, so that funds are in place to meet claims obligations when they fall due. It also includes establishing control mechanisms so that only genuine claims are reimbursed.

With the assistance of the Hockey Canada Insurance Committee, Hockey Canada has engaged what it feels is an effective insurance carrier who knows the needs of our organization for policy coverage in the areas of commercial general liability, sexual misconduct liability, directors and officers liability, and accidental death and dismemberment coverage. A great amount of research and dialogue ensures that we are delivering effective coverage at a fair premium for our members.

The medical/dental coverage offered is a self-administered secondary insurance program that is managed by Hockey Canada. This coverage assists members who may not have private secondary coverage for services such as dental and physiotherapy to the limits set within the policy. The policy also assists members who have exhausted their limits within their private coverage to our policy limits.

Even with all of the coverage we have outlined above Hockey Canada is able to maintain a low premium. The premium is based upon the total membership of players in Hockey Canada, and by the continual focus on safety by its branches, minor hockey associations and membership. All the members of Hockey Canada have the ability to assist in keeping our exposure to a minimum by practicing risk, conduct and safety management on an ongoing basis. We need to continue to work together to stress strong skill development, effective rules and enforcement, and respect in the game. By growing our efforts in these areas we will continue to keep our game safe, recruit and retain players, parents and volunteers and deliver the strong insurance program we currently deliver.

Risk management and insurance fee rates are applicable for Minor and Female players, Level 1-3 Referees, coaches, managers and trainers/safety people. There is an additional charge for Major Medical/Dental Insurance coverage for Junior, Major Junior, Senior, and Adult Recreation players, as well as Level 4-6 Referees. These fees vary across the country depending on claims experience and individual Branches may charge a Branch Administration Fee. Volunteers and staff insurance fees are incorporated in the fees paid by players, coaches, managers, and trainers/safety people.

Hockey Canada has constructed a National Insurance Program to provide financial resources to help deal with the cost of risks which confront organized hockey. The information outlined within this insurance section is secondary to that which is contained in the actual policy wordings of the Hockey Canada master policy.

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