Canucks Nic Herringer Awarded Finning Scholarship and Stewy Stewart Memorial Award

Calgary Canucks captain Nic Herringer has been awarded the inaugural Finning AJHL Scholarship and selected as the recipient of the 2019 Stewy Stewart Memorial Award.

The newly created Finning Scholarship awards one Alberta Junior Hockey League (AJHL) player with a $1,000 scholarship towards their post-secondary education annually.  

The commitment Nic Herringer dedicates to his academic goals identified him as an ideal recipient for the first-ever Finning AJHL Scholarship, a quality observed by his coaches and instructors alike.  “Nic consistently achieved marks that earned him First Class Honours with distinction all three years, but his ability went beyond simply achieving marks,” stated former high school teacher Samia Kaddoura.  “He was as much a leader in the classroom as he is on the ice as he never hesitated to assist and encourage his classmates. He takes the skills of hard work, dedication, and discipline that hockey requires and transfers them into every aspect of his education, as is shown by his academic accolades.”

The Stewy Stewart Memorial Trophy is named in honour of a long-time Calgary area fan who supported hockey at all levels. ‘Stewy’ died in 1997 and the award was created to honour his support and commitment to the game.  The Stewy Stewart Memorial Trophy is awarded annually to the AJHL player in the South Division that best exhibits the following attributes: character, dedication, perseverance, integrity and sportsmanship. 

“His presence on the ice and in the dressing room has helped our team progress through a difficult season in the standings,” stated Canucks general manager and head coach Brad Moran.  “It hasn’t been an easy season for the Calgary Canucks, but Nic has been there pushing forward, lifting spirits and bringing our team together showing the character and perseverance recognized by this award time and time again.  There is no doubt to why Nic was our Captain and the most improved player, a testament to putting in the time to get better, and always pushing his teammates to be better.   Nic plays the game hard but honest, always showing great sportsmanship. He has left a very positive impression on our organization and I feel very confident that he will continue to be very successful at any endeavor he chooses to pursue.”

Herringer, 20, recognized his significant development off and on the ice this season, “I am appreciative of my opportunities in leadership positions because those situations are often uncomfortable, but that is where the most growth occurs. The majority of the game of hockey is experiencing setbacks, responding to those setbacks, and continuing towards your goals. In navigating these highs and lows, I have found guidance in a stoic approach; seeing adversity as an opportunity to practice virtues such as patience, humility and positivity.”

“It has taken dedication to improve as a student during high school, as an athlete over my hockey career, and as leader on the team this year, a position in which I am still learning things from every day. An important lesson I have embraced from being in a leadership role is the value of actions over words. It is easy to say all the right things but your commitment to the team shows through daily habits, work ethic and sacrifice.”

Nic Herringer was presented with the Finning AJHL Scholarship and Stewy Stewart Memorial Award at the Finning Branch in his hometown of Calgary, AB on Wednesday afternoon.