Oilers Complete 2010-11 Coaching Staff

The Okotoks Oilers are pleased to announce that Chris Fuss is returning to the Oilers bench for his fourth season as an Oiler Coach. GM/Head Coach Garry VanHereweghe, has elevated Chris to a position of Associate Head Coach, and has added Lyle Seitz, and Rocky Zinger as his Assistant Coaches to complete his bench staff for the current season.

Lyle Seitz, joins the hockey club, after recently retiring from the National Hockey League where he worked 20 years as Linesmen, while Rocky Zinger joins the Oilers, after having worked the last 3 seasons as the Head Coach of the Golden Rockets, in the Kootenay Junior Hockey League.

GM/Head Garry VanHereweghe, stated, “I am very pleased and excited about having Chris back for another season. He brings experience, continuity, youth, and a very solid hockey mind to the program. Together as coaches, we will be able to build on each other’s strengths. The addition of Lyle Seitz brings a new dimension to the bench from his vast experiences of working at the highest level of hockey for so many years in the NHL. Rocky Zinger brings us additional experience as a head coach at the junior level. I feel that with Chris back, along with the addition of Lyle and Rocky, our coaching team has tremendous experience, knowledge, and commitment. I look forward to working with this crew.”