Viterra Volunteer Profile: Kathy Irwin & Lindy Angove, Brooks Bandits

The Alberta Junior Hockey League and Viterra are proud to recognize volunteers from each member team through the Viterra AJHL Volunteer Profile.   At the end of the regular season, one volunteer in both the Viterra AJHL North Division & Viterra AJHL South Division will be presented with the Viterra Salute to Service Award recognizing their service and commitment to the Alberta Junior Hockey League.

Kathy & Lindy are both integral to the team’s ability to move so many players on to great NCAA academic careers, and Kathy was central to our partnership with the local school boards to make our 2nd School Day Game this month the success it was.

  • Name: Kathy Irwin
  • AJHL Team: Brooks Bandits
  • Volunteer Role:  Educational Advisor
  • Number of Years Volunteering with Team: 8
  • Why I Volunteer:  I love working with the Bandits players and the organization.  It is fun watching the players live their dreams and support them along the way.
  • Occupation:  Coordinator of Grasslands Innovations School Wellness Team
  • Favorite AJHL Memory:  2013 and the team winning the RBC Cup.
  • Favorite AJHL Player:  So hard to pick a favorite.  The players are all so respectful and appreciative of the help they get.
  • Name: Lindy Angove
  • AJHL Team: Brooks Bandits
  • Volunteer Role: Educational Advisor
  • Number of Years Volunteering with Team: 5
  • Why I Volunteer: When I retired from fulltime teaching, I wanted to continue to use my experience and skills in a different way and, becoming a part of the Bandit education program was a perfect fit. Working with these dedicated young men and helping them to continue their journey toward a NCAA scholarship is a very rewarding experience for me. I enjoy teaming up with Kathy, the coaches and the staff to assist the players in various areas such as academics and dealing with educational institutions. These activities help me to continue to learn also. Seeing the players move onto university hockey and successful futures is another reward of my position. Getting to know the players, off the ice,  in a different context, is memorable. The chats during our education meetings and tutor sessions along with the stories and laughter make for some terrific memories. I can honestly say I have met, and are meeting, some truly unforgettable characters. Being a student athlete is a huge challenge involving focus, organization and time management. If I can help make  this educational challenge a little easier for our Bandits, that?s why I volunteer.
  • Occupation: Retired teacher
  • Favorite AJHL Memory: Winning the RBC Cup in 2013
  • Favorite AJHL Player: Its impossible to pick so I will say all the Bandits