CJHL Appoints John Grisdale as Life Member

Highest NHL drafted CJHL prospect to receive John Grisdale Award

CALGARY, Alta. – The Canadian Junior Hockey League announced Tuesday that BCHL Commissioner John Grisdale has been appointed a Life Member of the CJHL for his efforts and contributions to Jr. A hockey.

In being named a CJHL Life Member, Grisdale receives this prestigious award in honour and recognition of his many years of service, dedication and commitment to Jr. A hockey across Canada in both British Columbia and the entire CJHL.

Grisdale becomes the sixth individual in CJHL history to earn this distinguished accolade, including former BCHL President Ron Boileau, as well as current Hockey Canada Chairman of the Board of Directors, Joe Drago.

Frank McKinnon, Wayne Kartush and the Marty Knack round out the list of the CJHL’s other honoured Life Members.

The CJHL has also announced the introduction of the John Grisdale Top Prospects Award, which will be presented annually to the highest selected CJHL player taken in each year’s NHL Draft.

The initial John Grisdale Award recipient will be recognized following the 2018 NHL Draft this June in Dallas, Texas.

“John has been a tireless and dedicated worker on behalf of both the BCHL and the CJHL, since his installation as BCHL Commissioner,” stated CJHL President Brent Ladds.

“His vision and willingness to work with all elements of the game, have contributed greatly to the success of both the BCHL and the CJHL, as well as gaining him the utmost respect of his colleagues, within the CJHL,” added Ladds.

Grisdale has spent the past 15 seasons as commissioner of the BCHL, having held that league’s top job longer than any person in BCHL history. He succeeded now fellow CJHL Life Member Ron Boileau, who retired as BCHL President back in 2003.

As a player, he attended and graduated from Michigan Tech University before signing with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Grisdale would eventually move on to the Vancouver Canucks where he would spend the bulk of his 250-game NHL career.

Under his tenure, BCHL teams have captured five RBC Cup Canadian national Junior A titles while 67 BCHL players have been chosen in the NHL Draft, including five first round selections.


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ABOUT THE CJHL: The Canadian Junior Hockey League is made up of the 10 Junior ‘A’ leagues across Canada. Representing 132 teams and over 3,000 players, the CJHL also boast over 2,800 alumni furthering their hockey careers at the NHL, AHL, ECHL, CHL, NCAA and CIS level across North America.