Oil Barons Try Again To Eliminate Saints

North Finals Game #6 (Oil Barons lead 3-2) Fort McMurray vs. Spruce Grove

The Fort McMurray Oil Barons will look to join the Drumheller Dragons in the Gas Drive Cup Finals and can do so with a win tonight against the Saints.

Spruce Grove peppered Oil Barons goaltender Tanner Jaillet with shots in game five.

If the Saints are going to win they will have to play a very similar game.

For the Oil Barons to win they will need keep the game five on five as the power play has not been their friend in the post season.

Physical play will be a key for both teams.

The team that has dictated the physical play has controlled and won the game.

The Oil Barons are 5-3 on home ice in the post season and have handed the Saints (4-1) their only loss on the road in this year’s playoffs.

The Saints are 3-5 (since 2006) on the road when facing elimination.

The Oil Barons are 6-1 (since 2006) at home when they have a chance to advance.

By the numbers in the post season:

Team leaders:
•       Fort McMurray: Kevin Miller 7
•       Spruce Grove: Jarid Hauptman 7
•       Fort McMurray: Kevin Miller and Mitchell Vanderlann 7
•       Spruce Grove: Cameron Hughes 10
•       Fort McMurray: Kevin Miller 14
•       Spruce Grove: Jarid Hauptman 12
•       Fort McMurray: Tanner Jaillet (10-5) 2.20 GAA 0.921 save %
•       Spruce Grove: Kenny Cameron (4-4) 2.60 GAA 0.892 save % Tanner McCorriston (2-2) 2.84 GAA 0.878%

By the period        Fort McMurray     Spruce Grove
Scoring 1st                     7-2-1                    3-1-1
Not scoring 1st               3-2                       3-2-2
Tied after 1st                  6-1-1                    1-2-3
Leading after 1st            3-2                        3-0
Trailing after 1st            1-1                        2-1
Tied after 2nd                5-1                        1-1
Leading after 2nd          4-0-1                     5-0-1
Trailing after 2nd           1-3                        0-2-2

Story by Chris Colwell