RBC Community Ambassador: Zach Bokenfohr, Calgary Canucks

Photo Credit – Dave Watling Photography:

Zach is the Canucks? leader on and off the ice.  He does numerous community events for the team and is always the first person to volunteer.

During his time as the RBC & AJHL Community Ambassador, Zach has been involved with Citadel School as he has close ties to the school and knows a fair amount about the programs the school offers to students.

A concern of some teachers is a lack of reading ability amongst kids because of the popularity of iPads, iPhones and computers. Zach says, ?often times, the little books that are sent home to be read with a family member come back unread day after day. I am working with one of the teachers and come in regularly to read to the kids to help them develop this fundamental skill.? The teacher also noted that many of the students would be more motivated to read because a hockey player would be reading with them.

Citadel School also has a ?learning commons area? that allows students to work with Lego, K?NEX, cardboard, tape and other materials ? another skill-building opportunity that Zach has been involved in. This area allows the students to develop both their creative skills as well as fine motor skills that are often hindered with overuse of iPads/computers. 

Zach tries to volunteer at the school once a week in order to give the kids continuity and something to look forward to each week.  ?It?s a time where the kids can feel special because of the one on one time that they get and it?s a time that I can feel special because I am doing something very meaningful.?

Each AJHL team will nominate one player who has shown exemplary commitment to community service to be recognized as an AJHL RBC Community Ambassador – all 16 athletes will make up the 2019-20 AJHL RBC Community Ambassador Team!   At the conclusion of the regular season, one AJHL RBC Community Ambassador will be selected as the recipient of the RBC Community Award. A donation will be made to the Ambassador?s local charity from RBC and a Scholarship will be provided to the player from the AJHL to be used for post-secondary education.