The Olds Grizzlys Junior A Hockey Club of the Alberta Junior Hockey League are seeking a highly motivated, self-starting individual to fill the position of Assistant/Associate Coach.

This is a full-time position that reports directly to the Head Coach and General Manager. The successful candidate will be a team player who puts the success of the team before individual promotion. The Assistant/Associate Coach position is demanding and requires a wide array of skills in the areas of teaching, leading, administration, and community relations.

Assistant/Associate Coach Responsibilities:
• To lead by example in all situations, serving as a positive, professional role model.
• To assist in the team selection process and to help establish the Grizzlys player roster.
• To assist in the game planning process: creation, implementation, and communication.
• To assist in managing the bench in a professional, effective, and efficient manner.
• To assist in preparing players for practices and games.
• To assist in off-ice training: implementation, instruction, and correction.
• To assist in liaising with the Athletic Therapist and players regarding injury management, rehabilitation, and return to play protocols.
• To assist in developing and monitoring player personal growth plans.
• To assist in player development in the areas of: life skills, hockey skills, team tactics, team structures, and team strategies.
• To assist in coordinating and facilitating player and team meetings.
• To assist individual players and the team in team-building and goal-setting activities.
• To assist in the establishment of team rules and the supervision of player adherence to team rules.
• To assist in the creation and implementation of team discipline guidelines.
• To assist in player promotion to university and professional levels.
• To lead individual and team video services: production, analysis, distribution, and communication.
• To lead in the creation, organization, and distribution of road trip itineraries, including the booking of team accommodations and meals.
• To take a lead role in Grizzlys Hockey Schools and Triumph Skills Academy curriculum development, instructional design, and program execution.
• To coordinate communication regarding team events, activities, and promotion.
• To facilitate intra-organizational communication.

Mandatory Attendance to all of the following:
• Team and league conferences, and AJHL sanctioned events
• Grizzlys promotional and marketing events
• Grizzlys practices and games
• Grizzlys team camps
• Grizzlys Hockey Schools and Triumph Skills Academy camps, programs, and associated activities, and the promotion and marketing of each.

The successful candidate will demonstrate a commitment to high-performance coaching and be performance driven.

Key attributes include, but are not limited to:
• Coaching qualifications and certifications commensurate to Junior A hockey.
• Experience coaching at an elite level.
• Demonstrating a willingness to be a team player.

• Negotiable, commensurate to qualifications and experience.

• Resumes should be submitted to Julie Johnston ( no later than 6:00pm on May 19, 2023.