Crusaders Press Release: Taverner commits to Quinnipiac

The Sherwood Park Crusaders are extremely proud to announce that Andrew Taverner has committed to Quinnipiac University.

The seventeen year old from Edmonton is entering his second season with Crusaders. “Andrew’s game has developed rapidly and is an extremely hard worker that plays a very structured game” say Crusaders GM/Head Coach Tim Fragle. “He is a very focused student athlete in the classroom and on the ice, which in turn has opened up many opportunities for him “ says Fragle.

“As this opportunity has been given to myself I would like to thank my family above all, they have pushed me to a level that I could only imagine. Second I would thank the Sherwood Park Crusaders for supporting and aiding me in my efforts to become a NCAA hockey player. I am extremely excited to be a Quinnipiac Bobcat. As we look forward at the year ahead” say Andrew Taverner.

Crusaders organization would like to congratulate Andrew and his family of this very deserving scholarship.