First Ever Bobcats Alumni Weekend

The 2012-2013 season marks the 30th year of Jr. 'A' hockey in Lloydminster. As part of this year’s anniversary celebrations, we are hosting our first ever Bobcats Alumni Weekend on November 23rd and 24th.

The weekend will feature the following events:

Saturday, November 24th
1:00 PM to 2:00 PM – Registration check in – Civic Centre lobby. Memorabilia on display in lobby.

2:00 PM to 4:00 PM – Alumni game (teams decided during warm-ups). Jerseys provided. Last half hour open to family members of alumni and former staff/volunteers. Group photograph to follow (Danielle Nichol, Fivepenny Photography).

5:00 PM to 7:00 PM – Alumni Association Founder’s Banquet in the main lobby of the Civic Centre. Alumni speeches and thank you gifts presented.

7:30 PM – Bobcats home game. Alumni acknowledged during pre-game ceremony. Alumni to line up on home bench for acknowledgement. Honorary puck drop with founders. Attending alumni listed in program.

At the conclusion of the weekend, we will also be setting up a Bobcats Alumni Foundation Scholarship to continue the tradition of honoring alumni of the organization and to financially support the successful transition of our players to the next stage of their hockey careers at the post-secondary level.

With our recent transformation to a community-ownership model, one of our goals is to strengthen the sense of pride in the hockey team within our community and within the hockey world. We would love to have you take part in this special weekend as we continue to build our community team.


Confirmed attending  – Players

Darren Tymchyshyn (’82-’84)
Greg Holtby (’82-’83)
Kevin Eger (’82-’84)
Marty Hillis (’82-’84)
Brent Dallyn (’82-’83)
Lee Atkinson (’83-’85)
Billy Hillis (’83-’85)
Blaine Wilson (’84-’85)
Wayne Bosse (’84-’85)
Dean Antos (’84-’87)
Dean Giesbrecht (’85-’87)
Tom Decoteau (’85-’88)
Bill Decoteau (’85-’88)
Ray Nielsen (’86-’89)
Don Henderson (’86-’89)
Danny Haygarth (’88-’90)
Garth Gazdewich (’89-’92)
Kent Staniforth (’92-’93)
Bart Redden (’93-’94)
Curtis Going (’94-’95)
Ryan Faulkner (’94-’98)
Craig Piche (’95-’96)
Dean Dorchuk (’95-’96)
Mark Hallam (’96-’99)
Scott Pratt (’97-’01)
Chris Dallyn (’97-’00)
Blair Faulkner (’97-’98)
Kris Wiebe (’97-’01)
Sheldon Baillargeon (’00-’02)
Doug Politeski (’00-’02)
Cam Doull (’00-’03)
Curtis Johnson (’05-’07)
Tanner Erickson (’09-’12)


Confirmed Attending – Volunteers & Staff

Audrey Hockley – Former Billet Coordinator
Raf Sayeed – Founder, Team Doctor
Larry Sauer – Former Coach (first)
Larry Leach – Former Coach
Gord Redden – Former Coach
Paul Kelly – Former Coach
Monica (Bob) Troup – Former Board Member
Vern & Cheryl Curtis – Volunteer
Lori Haygarth – Billet Coordinator
Greg Buchanon – Former Board Member, Marketing Dir., Road Manager, Scout
Roy Atkinson – Former Board Member
Barb Wiebe – Former Billet, Education Liaison
Tricia & Jamie Hunter – Former Board Member, Billet
Shawn Bobcat Kerr – Former Trainer’s Assistant