Viterra AJHL Volunteer Profile – Corey Kinghorn, Calgary Canucks

The Alberta Junior Hockey League and Viterra are proud to recognize one volunteer from each member team through the Viterra AJHL Volunteer Profile during the 2015-2016 season.   At the end of the regular season, one volunteer in both the Viterra AJHL North Division & Viterra AJHL South Division will be presented with the Viterra Salute to Service Award recognizing their service and commitment to the Alberta Junior Hockey League.

  • Name: Corey Kinghorn
  • AJHL Team: Calgary Canucks
  • Role: Off Ice Offical Crew Chief / PA Announcer
  • Years Volunteering: 8 yrs in the AJHL



  • Why I Volunteer: For the Love of the Game
  • Occupation: City of Calgary Bus operator
  • Favorite AJHL Memory: Calgary Canucks winning the Centennial Cup 1995
  • Favorite AJHL player: Corey Hirsch


“Thank you for nominating me for this award as it is always nice to be noticed.  Myself I do this for the love of the game and to make the experience the best it can be for the players and fans alike. Its very important to me that the information for the clock goes up as soon as possible or the PA announcement be clear and correct as per names and times. I hold my crew to be very professional and respectful with players,team personnel and fans alike so I am only as good as my crew and there for this is a “Team award” in my opinion.”